The components of the BATEC extinguishing system are designed for robust use under fluctuating operating conditions. They work independently of mains and are not susceptible to dirt.

Automatic detectors are installed in the protective engine compartment for fire detection purposes. If the pre-determined trigger temperature is exceeded, a horn with flashlight is activated, making the operator in the driver’s cab aware of the situation. The electricity for the horn and flashlight is provided by the vehicle’s own electrical system.
The automatic extinguishing process is now set into motion. If this is not required, semi-automatic extinguishing can be a practical solution such as if the piece of construction equipment first of all has to be moved from a danger area. The operator can then initiate the extinguishing process by means of the manual release installed in the driver’s cab. The extinguishing agent flows via the pipes to the extinguishing nozzles. The fire is extinguished. In the case of ABC powder, the extinguishing effect is based on the formation of barrier layers which isolate the source of the fire and cut off the oxygen supply.

We work out the functional principle which is most suitable together with our customer to meet the respective requirements.

After the fire has been extinguished the easy to service system can be reactivated quickly and at low cost - even without the need for external after-sales personnel.

Sample solution for an extinguishing system for the engine compartment of an excavator:

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