Automatic fire extinguishing systems

Our permanent, automatic fire extinguishing systems are intended exclusively for the protection of valuable plant, machinery or equipment, and for the protection of persons operating these items of machinery or plant. They are designed to extinguish minor fires reliably and safely. The systems are designed for durability and ease of use.

When used properly, the extinguishing agents can be classified as physiologically harmless. Depending on the application we use CO2, argon, powder or foam as the extinguishing agent.

They are usually composed of the following components:
• Automatic triggering elements: Thermo-maximum detector, flame detectors, smoke detectors
• Manual tripping device: push-button type
• Horn / flashing light
• Fire control unit with interface to object: Shutdown, emergency stop, door monitoring, etc.
• Extinguishing agent bottle incl. extinguishing agent and valve
• Extinguishing agent pipe
• Extinguishing nozzles

Our extinguishing systems comply with VDE directives, the BGI 719 “Machine Tool, Fire and Explosion Prevention” and the requirements of the VDMA for conflagrations and fires in machine tools. They are in line with DIN 14497 for small fire extinguishing systems and meet up to the generally accepted rules of technology in terms of design and assembly.

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