Sample design for a machine tool fully protected from fire

The components of this automatic BATEC fire extinguishing system are robust, compact and insensitive to oil. They do not interfere with the machining process at all. The uncomplicated and clearly structured fire control unit monitors the functions of the extinguishing system at any time. Faults are detected and signalized immediately.

In event of a fire an alarm is sent to the fire control unit by an automatic alarm detector or a manual release. The following functions are then activated without delay.

  • The extinguishing agent bottle is opened and the extinguishing agent flows out of the nozzles fitted on the machine.
  • The machine is stopped.
  • The shut –off damper in the exhaust air canal is closed so that the extinguishing agent applies in the fire area is not extracted.
  • A horn with a flashing light is activated - indicating that the extinguishing agent is being applied.
  • The fire control unit enables the fire alarm to be forwarded to a superordinate body, as for example the fire alarm system, fire service, factory gates.

After the fire has been extinguished the easy to service system can be reactivated quickly and at low cost - even without the need for external after-sales personnel.

Sample design of a fire extinguishing system

Sample design of a BATEC fire extinguishing system for tool machines:

  1. CO2-extinguishing agent bottle
  2. Fire control unit with an interface to the machine controller
  3. Automatic fire detector
  4. Manual tripping device
  5. CO2-nozzle
  6. Horn / flashing light
  7. Shut-off damper
  8. Safety signs